making handmade felt birthday hats

I’m working on a whole bunch of felt party hats for me and Alice’s birthday on May 9th.
Do you want to know how we made them?

Materials needed:
…Felt in your favorite colors (the 9×12 sheets from craft stores are actually perfect for this)
…This printable party hat template printed at 200%
…Your favorite fabric glue (I prefer Fabri-Tac)
…Stiffen Stuff or other fabric stiffener
…Ribbon to tie the hat on
…Your favorite trims and embellishments


Use the template to cut out a piece of felt. Obviously you can resize it to be the size you want. Use your fabric glue or sew the sides together and create a cone.

Stiffen Stuff? More great stuff made by Beacon Adhesives. You can spray it for small projects, but for thicker fabric like felt I like to pour a little bit into a cup and use a brush to saturate the material.

Make some trim. You can fringe strips of felt or other fabric. You can sew long ruffled pieces. Stitch shapes together. Use pre-made trim like pom-pom trim or rick rack. Ain’t no rules, girl!

Here is how I make pom poms for the top of each hat. First, fringe a strip of felt on both sides, leaving a solid space down the middle for a running stitch. Gather the strip into a fringey little clump and fluff it out.

Tack the trim around the bottom.

Attach ribbons to the sides to tie it under your chin. I didn’t photograph this step, but you know what to do.


I’m planning to make a few dozen hats for everybody at the party. Alice is going to love them because she thinks hats are hilarious. It is one of my little presents to her. I can’t imagine her glee seeing a room full of everyone in a bright, pretty hat.

These don’t have to just be for parties though–what about making a few for a dress-up box, or as a little cheer-up gift for a friend? These hats are an awesome blank slate for almost anything you want to add.


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54 thoughts on “making handmade felt birthday hats”

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  4. Pocha huntas says:

    This matter is down to earth, hats off buds out there.

  5. Torrie says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial! I’m making a few hats for my daughter’s Christmas presents. She’s just started to love wearing hats & dress up items, so this was perfect timing to run across.

  6. Lisa Agnostou says:

    Indeed, lovely felt hats!!! It’s a pity I won’t make it to create 2 for my girls’ 1st birthday. Where do you buy these huge pieces of felt??? Did you buy it online?

  7. Farah says:

    I’m in love with your sewing machine !!!! Can you tell me from where you got it please???

    1. Megan Hunt says:

      thank you! it’s a kenmore and it’s from sears. I got it about 11 years ago.

  8. Lou's Labors says:

    These are completely adorbs! My friends and I are having a craft party tonight, and will be making these. I will link your tutorial when I blog about it :)

  9. Danielle Roothooft says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just ordered the

    Stiffen Stuff – Spray Fabric Stiffener
    Can’t wait to make some small ones for my bears!

    I made 2 yesterday, but with some stiffing it would be better :-)

  10. Minnie says:


  11. Mabiel says:

    This is so amazing, makes me want to throw a party just so I have an excuse to make these! Love.

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  13. Melissa says:

    Love that your work table looks like mine- paint splattered here & there. I sign of a well loved {&used} space! :)

  14. louise says:

    These are great! I hate all the throw away party hats. These could be part of the favors! Love it!

  15. evie says:

    very adorable party hats. but i cant get past the even more adorably painted nails in the third last shot!!!!

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  17. nicollette jagger says:

    hello meg i am trying really hard to make these hats is not working out when i print out the template is way too small do you have any other tips plzzzz my babygirl bday july 31 plz help me thanks

  18. Heather says:

    Wow! Everyone is talking about these cute party hats! Congratulations, they’re amazing.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Love this! Will have to make some for the next birthday party I host!

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  21. Nicole says:

    Love this! I just shared your link on my blog, hope that is ok! I am hoping I get around to making one for my birthday girl soon.

  22. Jaime says:

    I so love. Totally feeling inspired.

  23. Laurin says:

    Adorable….but I couldn’t stop focusing on your ‘craft room’….. I want one of those. Looks awesome!

    1. thank you! that’s actually my studio at CAMP, the coworking space I own in downtown omaha. it’s a fabulous place!

  24. Absolutely adorable.

  25. Karie says:

    May 9th is my birthday too!!!! My daughter keeps asking if she can have cake at my birthday-she would flip if we had hats too! Might need to go get some felt.

  26. I call the mint green one! I’m going to fight Alice for it!
    I gotta get shoppin’ for some birthday prezzies! <3

  27. mrsj says:

    alice is going to flip. out.

  28. T says:

    Whoops…double comment.. Sorry ’bout that.

  29. T says:

    I feel like the Gin Fizz dress from BHLDN:


    Is the grown-up version of the Selby Dress from your dress collection.

    Just needed to say that. Does anybody else agree?

    1. oh my gosh! that explains why I like it so much.

  30. T says:

    I feel like the Gin Fizz dress from BHLDN:

    Is the grown-up version of the Selby Dress from your dress collection.

    Just needed to say that. Does anybody else agree?

  31. georgia says:

    I totally think you should make a purple hat with white polka dots….
    Alice would love it lol

    Also where did you get your star rring? Love it!

    1. that’s actually my assistant shannon and she got it at a US store called Charlotte Russe.

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