OOTD: Office Hours

This summer instead of having our 4-year-old Alice go to her school’s summer program, Dave and I decided to get a nanny. Her name is Kylie and she’s been WONDERFUL over the past two months! I really wish we could keep her all year and just have Alice in this hybrid coparenting-learning-field tripping-coming to the…

Letter from a reader: Changes and consistency

I am a long time reader of your blog and have seen it through its various incarnations. I wondered if you might find inspiration one day to discuss the changes, i.e., the changes in you. For example (and these are purely from memory, so I may very well be misremembering things or just plain getting things wrong):

A Long Day

1. Woke up and read Dril’s favstar to start my day off on the right foot. Dropped Alice off at her first day of summer art camp—sculpture making at the Joslyn Art Museum. 2. Quick shower and blow-dry before Rebecca Forsyth’s Vintage-Inspired Hairstyling salon training class. 3. Got my hair set with my good friend and former Princess Lasertron model Caitlin. 4. Snacks on Jonathan Adler dishes under beautiful boxes of hair color. 5-6. Rebecca setting and styling Caitlin’s hair. 7. The “after.”

OOTD: Buy me, don’t buy me, whatever.

My friend Sarah and I first found these 70s-inspired tees from Funk Life creator Katie Heath on the bods of our friends who were buying them through her Etsy store and posting them on Instagram. After purchasing a few for ourselves, they soon became our favorite tees and we knew we had to carry them at Hello Holiday.

OOTD: Sunset Dress

This weekend I'm at my parents house in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The weather is beautiful and we're finally having some hotter days which makes going out on the boat even more enjoyable. My parents also just finished a long new deck across the shady back of their house where we can sit and watch the lake lap at the rocky shore. Duck families swim by, the neighbor's chickens cluck happily in their roost, and Alice alternates between climbing into my arms and trying to pull people down to the dock to watch her swim.

Getting Goodies at Getting’s Garden

On our way up to Lake Okoboji this weekend, Alice and I stopped at Getting’s Garden in Sanborn, Iowa to pick a box of strawberries! We were going to use them to make pies and jam but we’ve already eaten almost all of them. There’s absolutely no comparison to the flavor of a fresh strawberry you picked yourself–it’s tart, sweet, a little earthy, and SO delicious. We can’t wait to go back on our way home to Omaha, and we won’t miss the upcoming raspberry season in August!

Lissy’s Flowers

I had my friend Justin Limoges take some well-lit photos of the most recent bridal order I completed for Lissy and Gary's wedding in San Luis Obispo, California. They'll be well-outfitted in the flower department with these bouquets made with wool felt and hand-embroidered with silk thread! There are three main bouquets for Lissy and her two bridesmaids full of vintage buttons and rhinestone jewelry, plenty of boutonnieres and corsages, and three cute headbands. The real work went into the twenty centerpiece bouquets. I am hoping a guest or two takes a bouquet for themselves.

☂ ☼ My little sunfish! ☼ ☂

This Summer, Alice took swimming lessons with her friend Laith at our neighborhood pool. It was just the basic intro class and they learned how to hold their breath underwater, kick their legs, float on their backs, and turn around in the water. On the last day of class, they swam from one end of the pool to the other with life vests!

OOTD: Old-Testament Lasertron

This post could be a #tbt to ten years ago, but these photos were just taken outside my office in Benson. It was kinda fun to see that in the mirror. This t-shirt designer out of L.A., Treacherous Minx, is amazing. We've carried lots of styles from her before. I love the soft fabric and fit--I'm wearing a small here but could do a medium. And I've been living in those shoes--they're from a Swedish company called Maguba and the design is just for Hello Holiday.

Bouquet Preview: Lissy’s Flowers

Excited to finally share a preview of the flower order I created for Lissy, a lovely lucky lady who’s getting married next month at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, the most unique and over-the-top venue ever. You know I can’t wait to see the photos from that one! As I impatiently await that wonderful date, I am eager to share a few snaps to show the beautiful detail I put into her bouquets.