The Hype

“I’ve had the good fortune of both speaking with, and listing to Megan speak on many occasions, and it’s always a pleasure. Sometimes serious, sometimes feisty, sometimes funny – but always passionate. Hers is an incredible story of starting, personal branding and creativity, and her love of her work, friends, family and community shine through.”

Dusty Davidson, Co-Founder, Silicon Prairie News and Big Omaha

“Think of your fondest, most relaxed conversation with a good friend over coffee. Then add a little spunk to the story. That’s the unique and entertaining presentation style of Megan Hunt. Megan shares what she knows in a conversational style that is as refreshing as it is engaging. But more than talking about her own experiences, her passions, and her business, Megan love conversing with the audience just as much (if not more).”

Wendy Townley, Author, Nerdy Thirty

“Megan is an endearing mix of ‘classy’, ‘candid’ and ‘fiesty’. The best connection to any audience goes through the gates of common ground; a little bit of humor, a dash of tell-it-like-it-is, but a base element of humility that allows the listener to approach, get closer and be attentive of their own choice because they can relate. Now wrap all of that in a brightly colored, pristinely styled package—topped with a spectacular, hand-crafted bow—and you may have just been gifted a little dose of Megan Hunt.”

Steve Gordon, Owner, Rdqlus, Author, 100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers