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Getting Goodies at Getting’s Garden

On our way up to Lake Okoboji this weekend, Alice and I stopped at Getting’s Garden in Sanborn, Iowa to pick a box of strawberries! We were going to use them to make pies and jam but we’ve already eaten almost all of them. There’s absolutely no comparison to the flavor of a fresh strawberry you picked yourself–it’s tart, sweet, a little earthy, and SO delicious. We can’t wait to go back on our way home to Omaha, and we won’t miss the upcoming raspberry season in August!

☂ ☼ My little sunfish! ☼ ☂

This Summer, Alice took swimming lessons with her friend Laith at our neighborhood pool. It was just the basic intro class and they learned how to hold their breath underwater, kick their legs, float on their backs, and turn around in the water. On the last day of class, they swam from one end of the pool to the other with life vests!

Alice’s Colorful Valentines

This is seriously the cheapest way to do class valentines ever…you could use collage materials like sheets from the yellow pages that get dumped on your doorstep, brown paper bags, stickers, all the art supplies and paper in the dang cabinet. I cut out rectangles of drawing paper for every kid in Alice’s class, and…

Night at the Joslyn Art Museum

Tonight Dave, Alice and I went to member’s night at the Joslyn Art Museum followed by dinner at our favorite place, Block 16. The Joslyn puts together a really nice party for members every month or so with snacks, music, guided tours, and art projects led by their passionate group of volunteers. The museum has…

Letter to Alice no. 31

Dear Alice, Yesterday you and Dad and I met Aunt Sarah and Uncle Matt for lunch, and it was so fun to be all crammed into a booth together eating french fries and sandwiches, making jokes, talking over each other. You positively revel in the attention from everyone in your child-raising sphere of influence, and…