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I love my apartment so much. I'm near all my favorite restaurants, less than a block away from my office, and everything is exactly how I like it. I just cleaned and polished all my wood floors and today Alice washed all the windows. I enjoy taking care of my things and maintaining the space. Every thing is a nice thing, every thing feels more luxurious, and you want fewer things, when you care for what you have.

Creep on my apartment, a haven for all things feminine.

I just finished a particularly heavy cleaning session with Alice and wanted to share. It seems like 4 1/2 is when they really start getting useful...she did a GREAT job cleaning the dishes, wood floors, windows, tabletops, mirrors, and dusting. I just organized and folded laundry. New Airbnb guest (a radio DJ!) coming tomorrow, and we can't wait to host her. Until then, take a look. I love where I live.

Party Prep

Allow me to cater your next party! Pizza party for Mother’s Day.

Ran out of time to cook for Mother's Day/Me and Alice's birthday party. Luckily I found a healthy and delicious option for delivery! I think as long as you have a cute apron, it at least looks like you made some effort. I love this red linen one with Liberty of London trim from The Apron Shop.

surprise flowers

I came home last night to 250 carnations covering every surface in my house. Every tabletop. Every counter. Every room. My favorite flower. (There are a ton more than this.) I think I have an admirer. xx