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Creep on my apartment, a haven for all things feminine.

I just finished a particularly heavy cleaning session with Alice and wanted to share. It seems like 4 1/2 is when they really start getting useful...she did a GREAT job cleaning the dishes, wood floors, windows, tabletops, mirrors, and dusting. I just organized and folded laundry. New Airbnb guest (a radio DJ!) coming tomorrow, and we can't wait to host her. Until then, take a look. I love where I live.

Party Prep

Allow me to cater your next party! Pizza party for Mother’s Day.

Ran out of time to cook for Mother's Day/Me and Alice's birthday party. Luckily I found a healthy and delicious option for delivery! I think as long as you have a cute apron, it at least looks like you made some effort. I love this red linen one with Liberty of London trim from The Apron Shop.

surprise flowers

I came home last night to 250 carnations covering every surface in my house. Every tabletop. Every counter. Every room. My favorite flower. (There are a ton more than this.) I think I have an admirer. xx

My Most Special Things

It’s good for me to keep things that make me feel happy. To collect so many objects and souvenirs that remind me of my favorite places, feelings, and people together in one place. This bulletin board is from the now-defunct Dana College, a keepsake in its own right. I love that everything here captures a…