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OOTD: Office Hours

This summer instead of having our 4-year-old Alice go to her school’s summer program, Dave and I decided to get a nanny. Her name is Kylie and she’s been WONDERFUL over the past two months! I really wish we could keep her all year and just have Alice in this hybrid coparenting-learning-field tripping-coming to the office situation, but I’m not sure I’m up for all the coordination it would take. I’m definitely considering it because I’ve never seen Alice so engaged and happy–she plays all day, does art and science camps and activities all over town, and gets lots of time outside, which leads to nice early bedtimes. Smile. I love having her at work after 4 every day and all day on Fridays.

Designed to Sell: A new Unconventional Guide from Chris Guillebeau

I’ve always said that the reason I work for myself is for freedom, not for money. In the last ten years I founded three businesses, each of them allowing me the flexibility to work on the projects that meant most to me as well as have a fulfilling personal life. When I flounder, the motivation…

13 Things I Learned About My Work and Career in 2013

1. Always start as you mean to go on. You can pull a lot of meanings out of this classic -ism, but what I tell myself when I think about it is that we set people’s expectations about how to treat us from the outset of our relationships. In work, this could be with a…

Anatomy of a Second-Floor Office

Here’s my second home. Truly. As in, I live, shower, and sleep here half the time. That’s one of the most wonderful things about having a second-story office–the lack of foot traffic lets us work in privacy, focus without distraction, and adapt the space to our needs. xx

happy birthday to hello holiday! a gift for you.

It’s Hello Holiday’s first birthday, and the best way I can possibly think to celebrate it is to be in our loft office for the next 24 hours wrapping and packaging orders for you. In addition to our gift offer right now, if you mention in the checkout notes that you are coming from my…