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A Pretty Bridal Bouquet Inspired by “Dusty Jewel Tones”

About a month ago I was contacted by a bride to create a bouquet inspired by a muted, pretty palette of rich colors. I loved the combination and was excited to take on another bridal client, which led me to finish the bouquet (plus a few bonus boutonnieres) within a few weeks. It was nice to be working on flowers again, and I followed my whim and inspiration to do things a little bit differently this time. Each flower and leaf is much more highly embellished than work I have done in the past, and I created more types of flowers (many of them found in my book, Fabric Blooms) to arrange into the bouquet.

Progress report: A muted jewel tone bouquet

I've got the thread pile and pincushions back out on my lap and I've got a bazillion movies queued up on Netflix, and that can only mean one thing--I'm back in the saddle doing some more bridal bouquets! Here are some flowers I finished tonight that shows the first phase finished. Next come the buttons, choosing the perfect color and shape for each flower to compliment the bride's vision for the color and tone of the bouquet. After that, each flower gets stemmed and arranged, and then I start working on filler flowers and leaves which are added last. The colors used in these flowers might seem kind of all-over-the-place, but once the buttons are added and they're arranged together, it will look very cohesive.

Lissy’s Flowers

I had my friend Justin Limoges take some well-lit photos of the most recent bridal order I completed for Lissy and Gary's wedding in San Luis Obispo, California. They'll be well-outfitted in the flower department with these bouquets made with wool felt and hand-embroidered with silk thread! There are three main bouquets for Lissy and her two bridesmaids full of vintage buttons and rhinestone jewelry, plenty of boutonnieres and corsages, and three cute headbands. The real work went into the twenty centerpiece bouquets. I am hoping a guest or two takes a bouquet for themselves.

Bouquet Preview: Lissy’s Flowers

Excited to finally share a preview of the flower order I created for Lissy, a lovely lucky lady who’s getting married next month at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, the most unique and over-the-top venue ever. You know I can’t wait to see the photos from that one! As I impatiently await that wonderful date, I am eager to share a few snaps to show the beautiful detail I put into her bouquets.

Photos from Ruth and Pete’s Pretty DIY Wedding

Ruth contacted me last year because she wanted to create her own Felt Flower Bouquet, so I put together a kit in her wedding colors and sent it along. When I saw these professional shots from she and her husband Pete's big day, I gasped--her flowers look so gorgeous I just had to share.