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DIY: A Fabric Flower Crown from my book, Fabric Blooms!

Crowning Glory Rose Bouquet Headband

One of my favorite trends right now are flower headbands. They're whimsical in a tall, teased-up hairdo, and they can be sweet and demure on a favorite little girl in your life. I made this headband in shades of yellow and pink roses, but once you get the hang of this technique you can re-create it with other flower types, different colors, and other fabrics for a completely different look that's personal to you. Each step is included in the photo below, so you can sort of see how the process looks as you create the headband. These instructional photos are one of my favorite things about Fabric Blooms--they're beautiful, easy to follow, and they were a lot of fun to style with photographer Justin Limoges! Thanks too to my model, Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik aka Fash Flood aka my business partner!

Done done done

You guys, I just finished a HUGE order--the biggest order I've ever completed. Over 500 flowers, nearly 500 hours. It was three full all-nighters this week--maybe thirty total this year--and now I'm finally putting everything away.

I'm getting this order professionally photographed because it's so huge. Twenty-three bouquets! I'm so excited to share them once I get the photos back.

Time in the day.

When I finish this order I will have made: 184 embroidered felt flowers 248 posie flowers 60 pom flowers 149 embroidered felt leaves for an estimated total of 379 hours of work (the majority of which was done between Alice’s bedtime and when she wakes up.) It’s the biggest order I’ve ever had, and now…

Fabric Blooms: 42 Flowers to Make, Wear, and Adorn Your life is IN STORES NOW!

Barnes & Noble, most chain craft stores, and of course all have my first book, Fabric Blooms, available today! Buy it, make something, and share your review on Amazon. I’d love to hear from all of you about what you think–it’s been nearly two years in the making and I can’t believe this day…

Better Than a Pre-Made Project: Assemble your own crafty toolkit

I’ve always felt a nagging aversion to pre-assembled craft project kits (tho I do sell them and have pre-fabricated several projects in my career). They can be really fun, and a great way to relax your brain if you want to do something creative but don’t want to stress about it or do any shopping.…