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A Long Day

1. Woke up and read Dril’s favstar to start my day off on the right foot. Dropped Alice off at her first day of summer art camp—sculpture making at the Joslyn Art Museum. 2. Quick shower and blow-dry before Rebecca Forsyth’s Vintage-Inspired Hairstyling salon training class. 3. Got my hair set with my good friend and former Princess Lasertron model Caitlin. 4. Snacks on Jonathan Adler dishes under beautiful boxes of hair color. 5-6. Rebecca setting and styling Caitlin’s hair. 7. The “after.”

Getting Goodies at Getting’s Garden

On our way up to Lake Okoboji this weekend, Alice and I stopped at Getting’s Garden in Sanborn, Iowa to pick a box of strawberries! We were going to use them to make pies and jam but we’ve already eaten almost all of them. There’s absolutely no comparison to the flavor of a fresh strawberry you picked yourself–it’s tart, sweet, a little earthy, and SO delicious. We can’t wait to go back on our way home to Omaha, and we won’t miss the upcoming raspberry season in August!

Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot with Amy Lynn for New Summer Arrivals!

Today we met with our favorite fashion photographer Amy Lynn (check out her line, Declared!) to shoot some more editorial photos with some of our newest arrivals. We worked with two great models, Jennifer and Imagine, and hair and makeup was done by our beauty director Rebecca Forsyth of Bungalow/8 Salon. We had very Alice-friendly props for this one...tall, drippy ice cream cones and bubbles!

☆ Road Trip to Denver ☆

I got a cute new Mazda 6 last month and I've been eager to take it on a little road trip to see how high I could get the gas mileage. (Well, that's one of the reasons.) (The answer: 50mpg.) I also felt like I'd been slacking at work and needed to reset with a change of scenery. Maybe sit in front of my laptop with a better view behind it.

Out of the park

Not feeling verbose. But I am feeling cute. In the past week I gave a commencement address to Omaha’s first Code School graduates, spoke on a panel about traveling to other conferences, was denied a talent and innovation grant for interns, had a garage sale, gave my ex husband the silent treatment then got over…