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My name is Meg and I love what I do.

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Co-Founder of Hello Holiday

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Project designer at Princess Lasertron.

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Mother to Alice Elfie.

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Author of Fabric Blooms.

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I love to write, create, and overshare.


OOTD: Office Hours

This summer instead of having our 4-year-old Alice go to her school’s summer program, Dave and I decided to get a nanny. Her name is Kylie and she’s been WONDERFUL over the past two months! I really wish we could keep her all year and just have Alice in this hybrid coparenting-learning-field tripping-coming to the office situation, but I’m not sure I’m up for all the coordination it would take. I’m definitely considering it because I’ve never seen Alice so engaged and happy–she plays all day, does art and science camps and activities all over town, and gets lots of time outside, which leads to nice early bedtimes. Smile. I love having her at work after 4 every day and all day on Fridays.

We’re changing a lot at Hello Holiday…we’re quickly growing out of our office, we have two employees here all summer, and I’m personally super excited about some marketing ideas I have for the next year. How could we do a road trip from New York to Los Angeles with an Airstream-turned-pop-up-shop? I’d love to stop in each major market city, meet a designer in each city, and sell an exclusive run of pieces in our Airstream for local shoppers along the route as well as online for the rest of our customers! Customers can follow our travels through videos and social media and shop the new collections live as they go up on the website. We finally have the infrastructure in our company to do something like this and it’s just a matter of logistics now.

I’m always nervous sharing ideas like that. Don’t steal it! I’m gonna do it.

Alice approves.

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Lux Top from indie designer Treacherous Minx :: Garland Skirt from a past Hello Holiday collection :: Unlock the Door Boots  (on sale!)

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  • Brittan Dunham

    New York road trip! Come and stay chez moi!

Letter from a reader: Changes and consistency

I am a long time reader of your blog and have seen it through its various incarnations. I wondered if you might find inspiration one day to discuss the changes, i.e., the changes in you. For example (and these are purely from memory, so I may very well be misremembering things or just plain getting things wrong):

A Long Day

1. Woke up and read Dril’s favstar to start my day off on the right foot. Dropped Alice off at her first day of summer art camp—sculpture making at the Joslyn Art Museum. 2. Quick shower and blow-dry before Rebecca Forsyth’s Vintage-Inspired Hairstyling salon training class. 3. Got my hair set with my good friend and former Princess Lasertron model Caitlin. 4. Snacks on Jonathan Adler dishes under beautiful boxes of hair color. 5-6. Rebecca setting and styling Caitlin’s hair. 7. The “after.”

Hello Holiday

Princess Lasertron