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My name is Meg and I love what I do.

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Co-Founder of Hello Holiday

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Project designer at Princess Lasertron.

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Mother to Alice Elfie.

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Author of Fabric Blooms.

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I love to write, create, and overshare.


The Entrepreneur Experience: An Interview with Lane Kennedy-Levy

I wanted to share this interview that just went up with Lane Kennedy Levy. It’s a video interview about entrepreneurship, motherhood, the illusion of balance, regrets, TIPS, anxiety, mentors. I did the interview about 10 minutes after waking up from sleeping on the couch behind me all night. Cameos from my business partner Sarah and Hugo!

“My life isn’t hard cause I’m a mom. It’s hard because I’m a human in the world. Every day is difficult, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Because out of all the things you can’t control, you CAN control how hard you work and how you choose to spend your time.”

“If you’re the kind of person who get things done, if you’re the kind of person who is comfortable with risk, you have to feel comfortable knowing that you might fail. So for me, failing is an occupational hazard. Difficulty is an occupational hazard. But you can’t be afraid of it.”

“I really like to schedule dinner meetings because the other person usually pays, and I can always bring my kid with me.”
“I love that you assume they will pay.”
“Yes. If they want all the genius inside this head, if they want to ‘pick my brain,’ they can pay for it.”

“You should live like you don’t know what the rules are. Imagine you were living in a vacuum–how would you do things if you didn’t know how things were done? What would you do if you didn’t know how other people did it?”

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Personality Features

Never before has there been so much free advice at our fingertips for self-help in managing depression and anxiety, but so many years of trying to overcome the dumps by reading articles about gratitude and quotes about happiness and writing lists about small successes makes me more feel like I'm trying to dig myself out of quicksand. Thinking and meaning-making about my mood does nothing to improve my happiness. There's no logical solution to this because it's an unreasonable problem.

90-Minute Keynote

Posing a few questions to fellow speakers, fellow audience members (current and former), and fellow easily distracted people. Next month I'm presenting a 90-minute keynote address at a conference (subject: new-media marketing/youth markets) and I am terrified. Looking to my friends for a little guidance and reassurance on this.

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