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My name is Meg and I love what I do.

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Co-Founder of Hello Holiday

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Project designer at Princess Lasertron.

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Mother to Alice Elfie.

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Author of Fabric Blooms.

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I love to write, create, and overshare.


Father’s Day 2015

Dear Dad:

It seems like the older I get, the more grateful I am for your influence, wisdom, and positivity…as you predicted often when I was growing up, to my fervent disbelief. Your devotion and love for my mom, my brother, and me is unmatched as my most influential example of stability, comfort, and family. You are never short on time, love, advice, or a moving truck when I need it.

One thing I’ve never been is shy about sharing what I think. On Father’s Day this year, I want to share some particular points of gratitude from my singular experience as your daughter. There is so much more than I could ever say here, but here is a starting point.

Thank you for loving my mom.
Thanks for making time to pursue your own interests—acting, flying, as well as the adventure of starting and managing a business.
Thank you for taking me on so many trips when I was growing up. I know it was hard sometimes to travel with two kids, but those experiences helped instill a respect for other cultures and curiousness about the world that still serves me today.
Thanks for never teasing me, embarrassing me, or shaming me as I was growing up. …Those years are hard enough.
I’m lucky to have grown up with your example of community service. Your selfless commitment to mentoring and volunteering showed me the importance of making time for other people and other causes.
Thanks for sending me flowers at school.
Sorry about that party next door.
NOT sorry about the pink hair and goth phase. I looked cool!!!!!
Thanks for not yelling at me.
Sorry about algebra.
Sorry about the car. The “cars,” actually.
In fact, sorry about everything that happened between 1999-2005.
Thanks for getting into UFOs and ghost stuff with me. Remember when we read a section from that paranormal mysteries book every night? Thanks for letting me read whatever I wanted (and dealing with the nightmares later).

You were wrong about at least one thing—good things often happen after midnight.

Seeing your patience,  joy, and fascination with your granddaughter renews my fond memories of my own childhood. I feel like I get to see you as a young father all over again when you push her on the swing until she’s had enough, when you play five games of bingo in a row as she reads the number on every marker in the box, when you painstakingly cut her food into little pieces and refill her water. When you read to her for three hours before bed—no matter how many times I say “just one more book.” You grew up to be so many things—a programmer, an entrepreneur, a loving husband, a leader, a mediator, a listener, a problem solver, an adventurer. But most importantly to me, you became a dad. I think it was smart of you to do that.

I hope you always know how grateful I am for your comfort, support, and love. I made it to adulthood! Look how far I’ve come! Did you ever think it would happen? Thanks, dad!


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  • Lisaou812

    That is such a lovely letter. :)

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