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My name is Meg and I love what I do.

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Co-Founder of Hello Holiday

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Project designer at Princess Lasertron.

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Mother to Alice Elfie.

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Author of Fabric Blooms.

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I love to write, create, and overshare.


Applejack Festival in Nebraska City, AKA Alice’s Best Weekend Ever

We left with a five pounds of freshly picked apples, a purse full of parade candy, worn-out carnival wristbands, and an angry sunburn to remember the trip by. Big thanks to the Nebraska City Tourism department and chamber of commerce for the amazing day at the Applejack Festival in Nebraska City. I grew up going every year to compete in the marching band competition, and this was my first time in the past ten years to return! It was everything I remembered and more, and I feel so happy knowing I’ve created an exciting new tradition for my four-year-old daughter, Alice. Enjoy these photos of an amazing weekend. I hope you can feel the fun and joy that we felt experiencing Applejack together!

Riding on the ferris wheel…I love old-fashioned carnival rides! Like, we’re talking a rope for a seatbelt.

At the very top of the ferris wheel.

Trying Dippin Dots for the first time (for both of us!). We got mint chocolate. How fun.

“I want a braid on the side.”

The view from the top of the ferris wheel–easily Alice’s favorite ride.

This was a great thrill ride that Alice and I did together. It went so fast!

At the top of the paratrooper ride.

I grew up coming to Applejack in Jr. High and High School to compete in the marching band competition. Here’s my alma mater, Blair Jr. High! They were amazing.

Collecting parade candy.

Picking apples at Kimmel’s orchard.

After our trip to Nebraska City for Applejack, we met dad for sushi.

A little cocktail before bed! Cranberry, lemon juice, and club soda.



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The Entrepreneur Experience: An Interview with Lane Kennedy-Levy

I wanted to share this interview that just went up with Lane Kennedy Levy. It's a video interview about entrepreneurship, motherhood, the illusion of balance, regrets, TIPS, anxiety, mentors. I did the interview about 10 minutes after waking up from sleeping on the couch behind me all night. Cameos from my business partner Sarah and Hugo!

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Never before has there been so much free advice at our fingertips for self-help in managing depression and anxiety, but so many years of trying to overcome the dumps by reading articles about gratitude and quotes about happiness and writing lists about small successes makes me more feel like I'm trying to dig myself out of quicksand. Thinking and meaning-making about my mood does nothing to improve my happiness. There's no logical solution to this because it's an unreasonable problem.

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